Half Blind Success

As soon as I hit publish on last night’s post, I headed back to the basement.  I found the half blind dovetail to be incredibly satsifying to cut.  Today, as I look at my practice drawer, assembled, sans bottom, I am incredibly excited to make a drawer for the table.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am without my battery charger for my Nikon.  I really don’t like putting up blog posts without pictures.  It just seems wrong.  So tonight I went with my backup, my Apple 3Gs.  Here is a tonight’s photo.  The quality is somewhat questionable.  But it is better than nothing.

My eagerness to continue with the table is at an all time high, but alas, I have another project I am building.  I also need to apply the last coat of finish to the ikebana.  So I will turn back to the ikebana and get that project completed, before I return to the table.  I am also trying to get Henry Wood up on Kindle, and that project is taking a good deal of my free time.

I would estimate that Sandra Meeks, or as some would call her, Editor in Chief, or as I would call her, Mom, has found somewhere between 1000 and 1,000,000 errors, which have now been fixed.  (I am sure she would want to edit the last sentence, and she would be right to do so. )  But now that the edits are done, as best we are able, and the html formatting has been figured out, it is time to make a pricing decision.

Pricing Help

My original intent was to offer it for free, but I have learned that there are several good reasons not do so.  Henry Wood is just over 32,000 words.  So I have decided to assign a price to Henry Wood, but what should I charge?

  1. 99 cents
  2. $2.99
  3. $3.20
  4. $3.99
  5. $4.99
  6. $5.99

If you notice on the right side of the blahg, there is now a poll question.  This is a new widget, which I figured out how to use today.  I love learning new WordPress stuff.

I will be leaving all the blog post, so anyone who wants to, may read Henry Wood for free.  For those who would like to have a copy for their Kindle, or their Apple or PC Kindle reader, then it will soon be available.


Once I hit the publish button, it will be time to promote Henry Wood.  To this end, I am considering having a contest.  The prize, drawn from the group of people who perform several tasks, will be the tiny box which was featured in the story.  These are pretty common on twitter and usually involve people tweeting something, leaving a comment, and juggling a cat.  Actually, not as many people require the cat juggling as they did in the past.

I think there are a number of regular readers, who don’t have twitter accounts, and wouldn’t be able or interested in tweeting.  I also wanted to be able to include people who have been following since chapter 1.

So I am thinking about asking people to leave a review on Amazon, as the requirement for entry.  If anyone has any ideas that might make the contest successful, feel free to comment.

Ok, back to work on getting ready for the big (read small) launch.  This is the latest book cover.  :-)


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