Charlie Welcomes a New Friend

The low tone of a far off gong floats across the top of the world. High among the snow capped mountains a wise soul floats. The colors of the setting sun, the deep rich brown tones of the jagged rocks, and the pristine white of the ice and snow, fill the soul with amazement and wonder.

An icy wind blows up the side of Everest and the soul can tell it is brutally cold, but can not feel its sting. Still he thought, it is time to move on. So with a suddenness which would stun anyone watching, if there were eyes about to see, he leapt towards Lhasa, into the darkness. In the wink of an eye, Lhasa is behind him and the Great Wall of China appears off in the distance.

After 500 miles of ancient wall, he slows and then stops flying. It is dark, but he can still see the beauty. Perhaps it was just because he has seen it so often before. He has been wondering and waiting for some time, but the familiar warmth told him that a new chapter was about to begin. He stopped looking, turned his sight inward, and then the warmth burned hot for an instant, and he was gone.

Shan and Charlie

“Hi! You are new. Nice to meet you, my name is Charlie. You have beautiful inlays. They are really handsome.” The little oak and morado box said to the inlay box who seemed to be waking up.

The tiny maple, wenge and padauk box was a little bit fuzzy at first. He always felt a bit disorientated when he was given a new home. He quickly got his wits about him and noticed that he was being addressed. “Oh Hello…Charlie…My name is Shan. And thank-you. Where are we?” he said looking about.

“We are in Martelle Iowa. We live with a guy named Brian, who builds tiny boxes. He builds other things too, but he really likes tiny boxes. He just finished you.”

“A tiny box.” Shan said aloud, but in a contemplative way, as he looked at the other boxes scattered about.

Charlie, sensing that Shan was feeling a bit out of sorts, decided to explain a bit more, “There are lots of us. Henry, who just left, was an old soul. He was adopted and left yesterday. Fred left last week, and moved to Connecticut. He just arrived and his new family really likes him. He is very happy.”

“I see that there are lots of us around.” Shan said, giving a quick count. He could see 7 other tiny boxes, just from where he was sitting.

“There are more in the other room, and a few down stairs talking to the tools. We can pretty much do as we like, as long as we are quiet when Brian is sleeping. Then we don’t talk aloud.”

“Who are the red headed boxes?” Shan whispered.

Charlie giggled, “The one of the left is Ginger and the other is called Alice. Alice is a pistol.”

The next few hours Shan spent getting to know his new friends. Charlie had to go, because he was getting his photo shoot done, so that he could be put up for adoption too. Edward, Alice and Ginger hung out with Shan and made him feel incredibly comfortable in his new surroundings.

Charlie did a wonderful job in his photo shoot.

Charlie the Tiny Box

Born on 8/31/2010

If you would like to adopt Charlie, he would be thrilled.  He can be found at my Etsy store