Not What I Wanted to Write

Sometimes in life on needs to step back and realize that choosing the second option is better in the end.  Today you are getting the second option.  I wanted to write ‘Threads of Time pt. 2″, as the second half of my life was revisited after last night’s blog, when I attend Lisbon Sauerkraut Days.  That is the story which I wanted to write, but my head is pounding too much to do it properly, so instead I am calling on the gang in the shop to help carry the day.

The jig for cutting the splines is needed now and I explained to the tools in the shop what I wanted.  Jeff immediately pointed out that he would only be able to cut one of the 45 degree cuts required, as his table tilts but one way.

My Japanese hand saw, with the blue handle, then said, “I would be happy to make the other cut.”  And Jeff immediately piped in with, “Oh he would do a fantastic job!”

“I agree.”  and continued as I pulled him off of his magnetic perch on the wall, “Not only do I think you would do a good job, I think it is time we give you a name.”

The blue handled saw said in a very proper tone, “I would be honored to receive a name.”

“Manfred and Donna were named with the help of our friends who read the blog.  Would you mind terribly if we let them help in the naming?”

Donna said, “They did such a lovely job.  I couldn’t be happier with my name.”  And Manfred chimed in with, “Yes they were right on the mark for me, I truly like being Manfred, and Donna is a perfect name for such a beautiful chisel.”

Donna blushed.

“I will ask for their help in this evenings blog”, I said and then went to the stacks of lumber and found a suitable base for the jig.

A little bit of sanding on both sides cleaned up the piece of white oak and then Jeff made a nine inch cut at 45 degrees.  I was thankful for all the dovetail practice the blue handled Japanese hand saw and I had been through, as it made his cut less frightening.  I marked the line and he did a fabulous job of making his cut.  Jeff admired the cut which the hand saw had made.  It was obvious that the Japanese hand saw appreciated the kind words.

Now we needed to complete the cut by chiseling out the end.  Manfred started the chiseling, but because of the angles, we needed to bring in our old friend, and my first chisel, the blue handled Irwin chisel.  He hadn’t gotten much use since Manfred and Donna had arrived and was feeling pretty bad about it.

When I called him into action he perked right up and quickly did his job removing the final bits of wood.

“Excellent precision there…” said Manfred with a nod to the blue handled chisel and then asked, “I see it says Irwin on your handle, is that your name?”

The blue handled chisel said, “Thanks, but much of the credit goes to Archie the Mallet, he knows just how hard to hit me.”  and then with a sheepish look, “I am not sure.  Nobody has ever called me by name.  I think off of the other blue handled chisels at ACME had Irwin on them.  Maybe we are all named Irwin?”

He looked at me and I said, “I think you deserve a name too, so we will ask that everyone help with your name as well.  What do you think of that?”

The blue handled chisel expression turned from slightly embarrassed to giddy.  “I would very much like to have a name.”

I said to him, “You were my first chisel, you will always be special to me, and your work is exemplary.  I should have gotten you a name long ago.”

There was much excitement in the shop after that.  I took a group photo of the start of our project and then let the tools mingle as I set off to write the blog.  I can still hear them carrying on and telling stories of the projects they have worked on.

So everyone, what should be the name of these two hard working tools.  If you have a good idea please leave it in the comments.  1)  Japanese Hand Saw with the blue handle  and 2) 3/8″ Irwin chisel also with a blue handle.

So though this isn’t the story I wanted to tell, now that it is written, I think it was the best one for today.  Another day, when the head isn’t spinning, and the mind is a bit clearer, I will perhaps regale you all with pt. 2.