More Lumber

I have a standing policy against using any of my power tools or doing any woodworking while I am tired.  Tonight I am a bit worn out.  I did get some things done today however.  As I mentioned in my brief (read Homeresque) post yesterday, I am going to explore the frightening world of finishing.  I don’t have a really good spot for doing such, so today I created one.

I am pleased to announce that the counter in the kitchen will finally be used as it was intended, for woodworking!  There was cheering from the crowd.  I have set up a nice little area, and will be able to get good ventilation from opening the door to the deck and the front door.  Though I haven’t done any woodworking per se, I do count this preparation, as it did get me ready for a great day tomorrow.

While I was working on cleaning off the counter to turn it into a finishing station, my neighbor Don rang the front door.  Martelle Iowa and many other communities in Iowa, were having their Garage Sale Palooza this weekend, and Don wanted to let me know there was some lumber for sale, on the other side of town.  It is possible that I, like many woodworkers, have a wood buying problem.  For someone who doesn’t really know what he is doing, I have amassed over 300 board feet of lumber, neatly stacked in my basement, and lovingly kept dry by running a dehumidifier 24/7.

He had some lovely 4 and 5 inch thick pieces of hard maple, various assorted other pieces of maple, a stack of something which he couldn’t remember what it was, and a small bucket of decent scraps.  I bought it for $40.00, and then he sold me on a keyhole router bit for an additional $2.50.  I just now calculated the total board feet and it looks like there is about 30 bd ft of maple and 30 of mystery wood.  I will likely use the mystery wood for jigs, which really makes me happy to build.

The past few days I have also picked up about a dozen new and old magazines relating to woodworking.  So because I am a bit tired to do much in the way of building, I think I will just curl up with my magazines, perhaps snack on some chocolate chip cookies which Mom made me, and dream of creations to come.