Last night I woke up, unable to sleep for the excitement.

So I went down stairs and unpacked the box and checked the stuff off the list.  Of course, their manual is abysmal, so it is hard to tell exactly what they are talking about, but I felt confident I had everything.

You know, I am just too angry to write anything more tonight.  I am nine hours into deciphering their manual and almost done, when the tension release lever broke.  I was trying to get it into the position that the picture showed and it the connection piece snapped in too.

It isn’t Jeff’s fault.  He doesn’t want to be a pain in the butt to install.  I blame the incredibly stupid people at Powermatic, who couldn’t write a manual to save their lives.  They sicken me.

I am seething, but I take solace in knowing that when I am done, after getting a replacement part, I can tell my tale in every forum on the planet!


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