My Decision

There are times when the excitement of the moment leaves me nearly speechless.  This is one of those times and I am finding it difficult to come up with words to adequately convey my joy.  The eskimos have a similar number of words for snow as we do in English, it is an urban myth that they have a large number.  So it is clear that they probably won’t be able to help me to describe my joy, or snow, in a fun and entertaining way.

It will be no surprise to those who read on a regular basis, which would not include my aunt Barb, that I have been wanting to make a major tool purchase.   Today I made my decsion and feel delighted.  I am the proud owner of a new Powermatic 14″ Woodworking Band Saw and the 6″ extender, which allows me to resaw up to 12″.  The fine folks at ACME included the extender with my purchase, mostly because they where thrilled to find out that the whole eskimo snow word mystery had been solved, or becaue they are AWESOME.  I am not sure which, but my gut tells me it is the latter.

We put it in the truck.  There were three boxes, two of which were not heavy at all for an Olympic weight lifter.  I am not an Olympic weight lifter, so it was pretty heavy.  Don, who lives next door, has a great dolly.  He is generous with letting me use the dolly, but when I got home, Don and Jackie weren’t around.  I had two options, as far as I could tell, I could use my time to work on the tiny box, or choose to slumber.  I napped.  When I awoke to the sounds of militant gun fire or left over fire crackers, I saw that Don and Jackie were home.  So I secured the dolly and succeeded in getting my new bandsaw into the basement.

I have named it Jeff.  On the drive home I realized that I would need to name my bandsaw and the first name that popped into my head was Jeff.  I tried half a dozen other names, but I felt, deep down in my bones, that my bandsaws name is Jeff.   Jeff has a fine looking manual.  This has been one of the benefits of leanring woodworking, because of my fear of death, I have taken to carefully reading the manuals for all of my new tools.  It turns out that there is always a lot of good stuff in there.

That is where I am right now.  I have not put Jeff together yet.  I am too excited to continue with more blog silliness tonight.  Jeff needs me, so I will talk to you all more tomorrow.