Chapter 2 cont: A Brief Pause

This is the continuation of the story I have been writing with Josephine, who write a wonderful blog Single Slummy Mummy.  She will, after much badgering from me, take time away from her normal post, to write some more of the story.  I am very thankful for her indulgence.  Today she added some wonderful twists to the plot.  If you have been following the story, you may read her bit here, and then continue with ‘A Brief Pause’

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Obviously it isn’t easy reading the greatest post apocalyptic camel story ever written, in this fashion, but it is what it is.  Enjoy.

Chapter 2 cont:  A Brief Pause

Winston stood waiting patiently, as Amy paused.  He knew she had heard the crying.  He didn’t know why she had stopped.

For a camel, Winston had become rather good at reading people.  It wasn’t always his strong suit, and before he had arrived at the zoo, he had never seen any value in the art.  His mother had, on more than one occasion,  told him that understanding humans was important for a camel.  She often made him listen to the tale of his cousin, who had gotten a very respectable job for a wealthy sheik.  If he heard her say, “Why don’t you get a good job like your cousin?!”, one more time, he was going to spit.

Winston had never considered himself a 9 to 5 sort of camel.  So he didn’t really give human reading much thought.

His time at the zoo though, with the help of Henny the hyena, who liked to tell everyone he could read humans minds, had helped Winston develop his people reading skills.   Henny, who was not well liked by the other hyenas, because he was always joking around, used to hang out in the corner, near the fence on the back side of Winston’s pen.

Winston might not have been good at reading people, but he could tell a lonely animal from a mile away.  He always felt sorry for Henny, so he would try to make sure and spend some time just talking with him each day.  Henny was always so happy when Winston would come over.  He would laugh and then say something like, “Hey Winston, want me to read someone’s mind?”

“Sure, how about the little girl in the pink dress?”  Winston would say.

“Oh she is easy…”  Henny would say as he would spin around a few times.  That was part of his routine.  He always explained that this was how he picked up the vibes.  He would spin three times, then stop suddenly, and stare at the person in question.  A brief pause and then he would proclaim, “She is thinking that the other hyenas are ugly and that she doesn’t think they are very friendly….”  he would say, and then add, “wait…I am getting more…she thinks they are ugly, except for the really handsome one by the camel.”  Then he would laugh and laugh.

Winston laughed too.  Truth be told, the little girl in question did ask her mummy about the ugly doggies a short while later, but Winston chalked that up to being a coincidence.   Henny did seem to have a gift for noticing details about people, that others might not catch.  As the years went by, Winston started to see people the way Henny did.

He could tell that Amy was deep in thought.  Not being an expert on the proper handling of crying children, Winston didn’t want to second guess her judgment, but he was pretty sure that it wasn’t the best time to be taking a trip down memory lane.  Of course, he didn’t know Amy very well, and she had just named him Beatrice, so perhaps she was a nutter?

It is possible that the destruction of everything had pushed her over the proverbial edge and was now mad as a hatter?  Winston considered this, but quickly dismissed it, as he was now good at reading people.  He could tell right away that Amy was kind, would be a loyal friend, and had little understanding of anatomy.   With Henny’s help, Winston had developed into a camel who considered himself “An excellent judge of character.”

So why had she paused?  He was quite sure that she was thinking about something important, and that she would spring into action at any moment.  He had just one dilemma, should he give her a nudge with his nose, or politely suggest she take a look?  He felt strongly that the crying child needed her now.

He decided to give her a friendly nudge.