Another Milestone Reached

I remember it like it was yesterday. Ok that isn’t exactly right. Let me start again.

I remember it like it was 1,930 years ago.  I was wondering through Rome, having a discussion about the former emperor Vespasian, with a fellow legionaire Snackiticus.  Snackiticus was a rotund fellow, who enjoyed a good laugh, good drink, and a good meal or four.  He was handy with a spear, and a good man to have next to you in battle, or better yet, in front of you.

We both agreed that Titus was a much better ruler than Vespasian.  I commented that I had always struggled with his name.  Yelling Vespasian before one runs into battle falls a bit flat.  It sounded way too much like a two wheeled motorized vehicle which would be popular among the metrosexual set.  He agreed and mentioned that he was excited to see that the new Flavian Amphitheatre was nearly complete.

I agreed and we continued on our way, not talking much, as Snackiticus had suggested we pick up a couple of hot dogicus at the street vendor we were passing. I had mine with catchup and mustard.  We walked along for a while until we reached the outer edge of Rome.   The camp was a ways outside of town. So we talked about the coming battles, girls, and how girls like men who return from battles.

We walked past a milestone, he touched it and said one.  He did this regularly.  Snakiticus liked to mark the passage of distance traveled.  It was amazing, how he could always seem to remember where we were when funny things happened.  I often asked him why he bothered with remembering so exaclty, and he would say, because precision matters and memories are important.

At milestone 3, he popped into the Damascus Fried Chicken, and grabbed a couple of pieces of extra crispy.  While he snacked I thought about all the great battles we had been through.  It was a great day indeed.

Today is a bit of a milestone in my blogging and woodworking journey.  I have been overcome with fear at gluing up my tiny walnut box, for some time.   One of the very clever woodworking readers suggested that I don’t try to do all four sides and bottom at once.  He glues two sides together and then when he has turned four sides into two pieces, the glues up the rest.  This was a great suggestion and I decided to give it a try today.

This was my methodology.   I taped up the pieces, so that squeeze out would end up on the tape.  This too, was suggested by the aforementioned clever woodworker.   I clamped one piece to the table, with the edge of the clamp positioned so at the edge of the bevel.  The second piece was also taped up and then I did a dry run.  This seemed like it was going to work, so I loosened the clamp, removed the piece, added glue and replaced.   After a reasonable amount of time had passed, I checked the pieces and they formed the sexiest right angles you have ever seen.  I am no longer afraid of gluing two tiny pieces of walnut together. :-)

The blogging milestone is much less impressive, but when I hit the publish button, it will be my 200th.

Thanks everyone, for reading, leaving comments, and generally holding my hand while I bumble through the mysteries of woodworking and lives, both past and present.