A Traditional Post About StumbleUpon

Sometimes I am asked to write a guest blog piece. About a week ago a request came in from a reader. She is very friendly and since I like to encourage friendliness I agreed. Often I will try to write something the next day, but this time, it took me a while. There was some golf which distracted me, then the ‘Gift Hand Planes’ took my attention away from her piece, and the Isner vs. Mahut match earned my focus for two days. So today I wrote the piece for her, it is quite good.

What this means for the loyal readers of my blog is that all the good words and stories have been used up. So you will be stuck with the left over dreck which I can come up with. I only write one good piece per day, and this isn’t it.

I do feel like I should give an update about StumbleUpon. It has continued to surprise. One of my favorite pieces, ‘My Days As A Ninja’, has started to get hits the last few days.  When I checked SU, I found that it had been seen by one of my SU friends and he had left a comment.  This must have sent it back into the mix and people started to find it again.  Several readers have started to use SU, since I wrote about it, and this has made another benefit apparent.

I follow many blogs, as is apparent by my blog roll.  Even though I have them all neatly listed, I still don’t check every day.  I should, but I don’t.  Many of the blogs only post a few times per week and I forget to check in.  The people who have become my friends on SU too, have been posting their new stuff, and I am finding that this is a handy reminder.  I like to pop over, give it a read, and a thumbs up.

It seems like the people who decided to try out SU have been very generous with their thumbs ups.  My new subscribers are INFILLnc, Woodnbits, FunAndFitKA, Nickl1019 and MereMortals.  If you decide to give SU a try, do look these fine folks up and subscribe to them.  Then you will be part of the party too.  Also, Bobborson is on SU.  He is a great writer and is just getting his feet wet with SU, so you should include him in your subscriptions.

So my blog is getting new visitors every day, from SU, who would not have otherwise found me.  Many of them read only one page and likely never return.  But my number of ‘returning’ readers continues to grow too, so I suspect that a few each day are deciding that their lives are so miserable that wasting a few minutes reading my drivel couldn’t ruin it any further, and they come back.

To those new readers with little else to do, I say welcome.  I enjoy writing and rambling on each day.  While it is true, I would likely ramble on, even if nobody were reading, it is more fun to know that you are.  So I say THANKS.

As is the tradition on Friday, I would like to open up the comments for suggestions on future posts.  I call it FSuggestion Friday (the F is silient)  So have at it.

(Editor’s Note:  FSuggestion Friday has never been done before, so saying it is a tradition is absurd.  Also, I don’t believe that an ‘F’ can be silent, and why is the ‘S’ Capitalized?  Frankly I find the ending to this post to be offensive on many levels.)