Woodworking Again

The weekend was mostly spent goofing around, but today I got back to woodworking.  As soon as work was over, I zipped down to ACME Tools in Cedar Rapids, and made it with about 7 minutes to spare.  Del helped me out.  I was looking for the router base, with the idea of buying another one of the ones like I had.  I am tired of switching taking the one I have off from the router table.  Ok, that and I got the plate stuck to it when I stripped the head of one of the screws.

I really wanted a base dedicated to the table though, so today was the day.  What I didn’t know, was that there is one which is made specifically for the underside of the table, aptly named, ‘Bosch Under table Base’.  One of the many reasons I love ACME Tools is that their philosophy is not to make the most money they can on each sale, but to make the customer as happy as they can each time.  This works, because I fiercely loyal to shopping there.  So I bought the under table base and a pair of really cool sunglasses/protective eye wear.  They are great for protecting one’s eyes and keeping the sun out. So when the day comes that I want to rebuild the deck, I will have them for that.  Until that day, they will be my shades.  I love them.

After ACME I went to McDonalds and had a bite.  From there it was off to Home Depot where I purchased a couple of pieces of poplar.  I am eager to try out some more dovetails, after my practice cutting, and so I am attempting another box or drawer.  I will decide which it is, when I am done.

So I got home and immediately went down to the shop and cut into 4 equal lengths.  Then I wanted the ends just perfect, so I ground them down with my belt sander.  It didn’t take very long, as they were close when I started.  Then I checked the width.  It was also very close.  Back in the olden days…two weeks ago…or as I like to call it, BH, Before Hand planes, I would have used the belt sander.  Not today my friend.

I grabbed my Stanley 4 1/2 and set it to take a whisker thin shaving, which it did.  In no time at all I had a very even set of 4 pieces of popular.  I had them all clamped together in the vice, then went over them with the Stanley, and spent about 5 – 10 seconds with some 120 grit on the belt sander.  I flipped it over and did the same with the other side.  I was so giddy after I was done, that I really wanted to even up some more wood.  I actually considered cutting some from my practice boards, just to even them up, but alas, today was about making something.

So I took my four pieces upstairs, checked the score of the Reds game.  They beat the Brewers 6 – 3.  Then marked out the pins on the back piece.  Actually I did it twice.  The first time I completely did it wrong, so I spent 15 minutes searching for my eraser, erased the lines and did it right.

Back down to the vice where I took my first cuts since practicing.  It went quite smoothly.  This also made me happy.  Now I am to the stage where I am chiseling out the waste.  I should mention that with this attempt at a box or drawer I have chosen to make only the simplest dovetail set, with just one tail.  It is cool or sexy like the grown up woodworkers do it, but I approach the learning of woodworking like one approaches a napping cat which one intends to tease.  I sneak up on it…and then usually get scratched by it’s claws.  So in conclusion, I would like to finish with ‘The End’, but will instead go with…