A Day At The Reiman Gardens in Pictures

I haven’t been able to do much relating to woodworking, as I have been having too much fun hanging out with Mom and Dad. Yesterday Dad and I golfed. Today Mom and I went and viewed Reiman Gardens. It is a beautiful 14 acre complex next to the Jack Trice Stadium, home of the Cyclone football team. They even have a Butterfly Garden, which was especially cool. Today’s post, is mostly going to be photos, as that will best sum up what we did.

The first picture is from the Butterfly Garden.  This is one of the coolest examples of camouflage I have seen.  It looks like the eyes of an owl.

The next photo is also of a butterfly.  I have never taken many butterfly pictures, actually I don’t know that I have ever taken a butterfly picture, but I learned today, that one must be patient.  Some of them will eventually land and hang out in one spot for a while, then you can get a good shot.  It is important to remember to have your shutter speed pretty fast, so any movement is stopped.  That being said, there were still plenty of pictures which didn’t turn as I had hoped.  Those blurry examples of failure will not be included today.

More insects, who have entered the larva stage and emerged as a beautiful, much less gross looking insect.

I have lots of pictures.  The below picture I have titled, “Butterfly en repose, after a bit of water, on blue spongy things, in a glass bowl.”  It holds two distinctions, the first being, my best butterfly picture of all time, the second being, my worst titled picture of all time.

More pictures…They have 24 gnomes hidden around the gardens.  Mom and I found 22 of them, including the Mid Iowa Wood Carvers entry.  It is brilliant. The gnome’s name is RipVanArtWinkle, which is very clever.  All the other gnomes are made of concrete and painted, so the hand carved one is quite special.

Lastly I have a picture of a pond which I quite like, so I am including it too.

It would be silly to have a blog about going to a garden without having a picture of a flower.  This is a bromeliad.

So that was my day with Mom at the Gardens.  We had fun.