Dancing A Jig

Back in the shop tonight, not a sketch pad in sight.  I have continued to do all the planning in my head for my 3 in 1 jig.  The plan this evening was to take two pieces of scrap and create two practice moveable spacers.  It would require that I drill (4) 5/16th in holes through the width of the pieces.  My uber cool drilling jig performance was more beautiful than Enrico Curuso singing ‘Santa Lucia’ in front of a full house.

I used a piece of scrap behind the pieces and didn’t get any tear out.  The holes were straight.  It was really fantastic when I checked the first one and it was flawless.  The wave of happiness was almost as good as when I buy a new tool.  I did a little dance.  The idea that I am envisioning, is that the two spacers will hold the unit together and be able to move in and out so that one can move it in tight against the wood.  There will be a cut mark in both sides and that will allow me to line up the line on the board, before I tighten everything up.

The mock up looks like it would actually work, but I believe that I want the spacers to be a bit taller.  I also found that the current design isn’t easily to clamp to my workbench.  I am able to use the twins, Teri and Tracy, to hold the jig, but that isn’t exactly what I had hoped for, so I will mull it over a bit and perhaps make a design change.

The other issue, is that if I am clamping it to the saw horses it is less solid, and takes a bit of time to set up.  I have considered that this jig may be, unless I come up with an idea, not very quick to use.  I like to think of myself as a clever monkey. It is a lot of fun to try to figure out a solution that will make me happy.   This is how I work.  I just sort of inch along.  And with each passing brainstorming session I get a bit closer to what I want.  It worked for the Router Table project and it seems to be working for this one too.

What one can’t see in the pictures is all of the design ideas, probably a dozen, which I considered and then discarded because of flaws.  I should mention it again, I hope to be able to use the sawing portion of the jig, to cut thin pieces for doing laminate tops.  It seems that this project isn’t great at  yielding a fascinating story, but alas, that is what I am working on.  I am glad that tomorrow is Saturday.  Lots of time to goof around.



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