A Good Night

Tonight all I did was kick butt.  After returning from Wal-mart where I put on a grocery shopping display that was legendary for a single male.  Back in the day I used to shop so that I would have plenty of food for the next 24 to 36 hours.  Today I loaded up, thus eliminating extra trips and saving more time for woodworking.

When I got home and put everything away, I immediately went to the basement to continue working on the jig.  I have been talking about it for some time and I don’t think too many people are able to envision my plan.  Well tonight I got the feet cut in rough form and the holes drilled for the cam clamps.

This allowed me to assemble the jig to check it out.  I am amazed at how close it is to right on.  There are some small areas that need a touch or two with the file, but for the most part it rest on the table flat and the tracks are just about perfect.  Of course I will fuss over it until they are even closer to perfect, but that is the fun.  I also plan to spend a fair amount of time sanding and making the feet pretty.

I  am pleased that the legs work so well.  My requirement was that they be able to either rest on top of my workbench or be clamped to the end of it.  The below pictures show how they can do both.  It is nice to have the feet adjustable, because it will allow me to move them into the edges for thinner projects.  I intend to make several sets of top block which would attack under the track on the right.  This will allow me to cut thin strips of consistent width, which was one of my original requirements.  I realize that most people who are woodworkers would use their table saw, but I don’t have one yet, so this will do for now.  Mostly though it has been an exercise in solving problems.  That has made it a worthwhile project.

It has always been important for me to focus on the tiny details in these early, and relatively easy projects.  This will build the attitued that will help me attain a  higher level of quality when I am building a table, or chair, or bookshelf, or anything which I want to display proudly in my home.  Of c ourse, since mom and dad are the only two people who know where the bunker is, they will be the only ones to see my creations, but that is ok.  Mom will be impressed and she will bake me chocolate chip cookies.

So I have worked out 2 of the 3 parts of my 3 in 1 jig.  Next I need to figure out the drilling jig portion.  Then I should be done and ready to pick another project, which is always fun.  Sorry everything was so late tonight.  I was really on a roll and just couldn’t pull myself away for the blog as quickly as I usually do.


I should add, I like that you've started out using quality materials. You've skipped right past a lesson often learned the hard way. I'm not saying to throw money around, but if you build it right the first time with the right equipment, you'll be in much better shape down the road.


I should add, I like that you've started out using quality materials. You've skipped right past a lesson often learned the hard way. I'm not saying to throw money around, but if you build it right the first time with the right equipment, you'll be in much better shape down the road.

Rob K.
Rob K.

Look forward to following your blog. Adventures in woodworking could be a good tv show. I can see you behind the table saw with your sidekick doing some sanding.

Rob K.
Rob K.

Look forward to following your blog. Adventures in woodworking could be a good tv show. I can see you behind the table saw with your sidekick doing some sanding.


You are right. I'm just now seeing it and it seems like it can be a really good solution. The circular saw piece has me wondering if it might be a bit overbuilt and I say that because I wonder if you will need to worry about loosing depth of cut? I can't really tell if you'd lose much from the pictures. I'm just thinking aloud again.


You are right. I'm just now seeing it and it seems like it can be a really good solution. The circular saw piece has me wondering if it might be a bit overbuilt and I say that because I wonder if you will need to worry about loosing depth of cut? I can't really tell if you'd lose much from the pictures. I'm just thinking aloud again.


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